The Brillstein Security Group ERT teams (Emergency Rescue Teams)  are being trained like US DELTA or the British SAS in the way that they receive special forces training for special duties operations  on land, in air and sea. But in reality the training of ERT members comes even much more close to thekind of training of the highly secret and totally covert intelligence units from countries like the US, Great Britain or France - units whose names hardly anyone knows- these units are being called upon by DELTA, SAS etc. to undertake jobs that even DELTA or SAS are not qualified enough for. Since Brillstein is a private company, we also need to be able to do much more than "just" special duties assignments. In the private, civil world,  the clients dictate what the assignments are going to be. Since we cannot know what our next client might need, we must be prepared to be able to take on any important assignment. ERT focus on high risk assigments such as emergency extraction, crisis intervention, high risk CP assignments, undercover intelligence assignment and similar.

Thus the ERT teams need also be  trained as qualified investigators , close protection specialists and intelligence operators and several other special qualifications, both military and civil - overt and covert. Any member of the ERT teams must have intensive training in all these security sectors, plus  special forces training in unconventional warfare - training will be provided for within ERT. The result are some of the finest private military fighting experts, private special forces and skilled international operators in investigation, protection, intelligence, crisis management and negotaion and much more - a formidable force, ready to deploy and defend our client's interests.

THE ERT MOTTO "Fidelitas Mandatorius" expresses that we will be 100% loyal to our clients! Like old-time Samurais, we'll step in as rescue teams to protect the client's interests in places where no-one else will do so or dare go in. The ERT teams are also skilled and capable of training clients' personnel in a variety of high-level security skills and supervise this kind of personnel. ERTs also conduct any risk assessment and crisis planning operations and will aid companies in times of crisis of just about any kind. Hostage rescue is our bread and butter.

Intelligence operations, both overt and covert, are a further speciality of the ERTs. There can be no doubt that in the modern world knowledge is even more important than it always already has been. Overt, covert and high-risk undercover intelligence work, military or in a civil context, are one of the main tasks of ERTs. You need to know!

Your company not only needs informations on employees, partners, customers and competitors, it also must be protected from attempts to spy out YOUR OWN data and secrets. The growing problem of data theft and industrial espionage, eaves-dropping etc. must be countered by decisive action to put a stop all those threats. Technology and "talk but no walk" will simply not do - your company must take active steps to collect data and to protect data against anyone who's threatening your company. ERT is the excellent choice for these kinds of operations wordlwide - civil and military intelligence is our speciality.

ERTs also operate in any kind of rural environment to conduct patrols, search and rescue and forward protection.  We protect the client's interests and  property anywhere in the world against any kind of threat. ERTs will also train your on-site personnel to highest standards. Last, but not least, ERTs are also excellent close protection teams. If you need any kind of high-risk or high-level protection, you can call upon the ERT teams to supply best possbile security on any scale, anywhere in the world! Fidelitas Mandatorius - loyal to the client!

If you have any kind of security problem, personal or threat against your company, civil or of military nature, do not hesitate to contact us at any time!  Find our more about our services...

The ERT Blue Light Unit is a highly-secret special unit to test security measures and security teams, not only BSG teams, but security teams from companies and security companies. The Blue Light Unit simulates brutal terrorist attacks and similar threats and will attack seemingly secured premises with extreme means in order to test the security. This special ERT unit, comprising the top warriors of ERT, puts security to a REAL test. For any company security managerit is imperative to REALLY know if the security works, external tests by experts (and NOT an internal test by the same security firm or team that acutally provides the security!) are simpy mandatory. External tests are a must.  If your security team is scared of a real test protocol, think about changing the security firm altogether...!

The charging lion is the logo of the ERT. This lion symbolizes the first name of the founder, Ariel (Arik) Brillstein - Ariel = God's lion. The lion is also used as symbol for King David and his decendants, members of the Judah tribe etc. The lion's head is also part of the EU Brillstein Security Agency logo.

It is an honor to be allowed as member into a ERT. ERT members must complete several long training courses and must become full private military officers (also see STOP units) before they can be accepted into an active team. Members may only serve one tour of  up to 5 years but can later serve as ERT officers and instructors. The complete unit comprises just about 50-60 men, hand-picked for loyalty and ability, formidable  fighting men and leading officers. Since the range of possible tasks is very comprehensive, there is a long training ahead before anyone can join an ERT. In order to join the ERT, passing of the Selection Course is mandatory.

Due to the kind of work, this unit must be highly protected. No member of the ERTs may disclose to anyone outside the ERT admin that they are in fact even member of the unit, even when they leave the unit. A strict contract makes sure that secrecy will be maintained. Not even inside the Brillstein Security Group, names of the members will be made available.

Security Operators: please apply for ERT positions through this web site ONLY  -  clients' requests via our feedback form, please


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