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The ERT company is part of the Brillstein  private military wing. ERT stands for "Emergency Rescue Team". A member of a ERT team has been trained intensely. ERT members come from various international elite military units and have been trained additionally by Brillstein in special operations and unconventional warfare. as well as anti/counter terror warfare plus various other skills. Officers have undergone the PRIVATE MILITARY OFFICER study course.

Just a few years back, private military had a bad name...
"Mercenaries", "soldiers of fortune" and such like. Today, it's a whole different ball game... Given the global threat, turmoil, uprisings, terrorism and crime, many companies need private protection on a high level, and governments outsource a whole range of services, for practical, economical and political reasons.  ERTs (Emergency Rescue Teams) are private Special Forces, extremely highly skilled warriors in order to counter the most extreme threats, any where, any time.

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ERT teams services
Ready to serve and to protect your interests
ERT  will:
  • conduct risk assessment
  • develop a reaction plan
  • put that plan into action
  • solve your problems!
  • conduct any high-risk op
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