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ERT - our range of private military services
The ERT - Emergency Rescue Teams - are very special elite units of the Brillstein Security Group undertaking "special duties" such as high risk extraction, crisis interventions, high risk CP assignments, undercover intelligence, also protracted assignments in very difficult situation - military and civil. Formed in the early 1990's as part of the former EUBSA "OSS department" and  "EFFACT", the ERT was shaped into a highly trained mobile special unit. There are several ERT's on stand-by at all times,  6-men teams, ready to deploy at any time. 2 teams are on constant standy-by for emergency special duties. The newly found ERT-M teams are special maritime security and counter-terror teams to fight piracy and crime at sea. Also see and EUBSA

The ERT members are highly  trained in order to work as a tight-knit SpecOps unit on just about any kind of security related field such as:

  • Forward protection, risk assessment
  • Ermergency Rescue Ops, worldwide
  • Hostage Rescue, negotations
  • Quick reaction force, interventions
  • High-risk close protections assignments
  • Sniper operations, observation posts, intel ops
  • Air/Marine marshals
  • Conduct any special operation
  • Counter/Anti-Terror ops
  • Strategic and tactical support
  • Civil protection ops
  • Special investigations, overt/covert
  • Asset recovery
  • Any high-risk covert and undercover ops
ERT teams
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