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Brillstein Security Group -  Selection and exam course program (SEC)


Due to the continuing expansion of the Brillstein Security Group and EUBSA BV Inc., the drastically degrading global security situation and a permanent and extremely high stream of job application reaching us every month, we decided to again offer the selection and exam courses.

Aim of these selection courses is to select the top applicants of all the incoming job applications. This is NOT a training course, but a rigorous selection course striving at eliminating all but the very best of all applicants. This is the toughest selection course of the private security industry. We accept applicants, male and female, from all over the world, minimum age 21 years. You can't have a criminal record and your doctor must certify a clean bill of health. In order to participate, you must have a working knowledge of English.

From time to time there is a requirement for us to recruit a new number of men and women to join our ERT - the Brillstein experts to undertake special duties of hazardous nature, such as high risk emergency rescue or extraction, high risk undercover and intelligence assignments. The members of ERT must have passed the selection course first, which, due to the nature of this business, is both extremely rigorous and arduous. There can not be any room for error, we cannot allow any wanabees or even ordinary shooters to slip in under the fence - there are thousands of regular military trained shooters but they have no place in ERT. All applicants applying for jobs with us tell us that they are in great shape, top notch training and so forth. But this does not suffice. Even elite unit members from around the world may fail our selection course. This course will make the weak break, in fact that’s our goal; only the very top elite of the best security operators will be able to pass this test – it takes even guts just to sign up for this selection. Military skills are not enough, fact is that some of those who pass this selection have had only little or even no military training - no matter where or how long you have served before: in order to pass this selection, you need  extreme will power, fitness, intelligence, quick and practical thinking on your feet, a tough character. The SEC is probably the ultimate challenge you will face as far as selection goes in the private security. We will provide for the necessary top notch training in a variety of security areas, thus your prior training is NOT the most important factor in order to join ERT. Your extreme determination and guts are more important to us - pass the SEC, and you are up to a fascinating top career in one of the world's most elite private security units!

Each month, we will conduct one selection course in FRANCE. You need thus to be able to travel to France. Duration 1 week for each course. We are looking for the best, most versatile security operators worldwide. From the 12-15 participants of each course, the best 2 each month will receive the choice of either one of the next open job positions (according to the personal skills already available) or a free training course of their own choice including guaranteed employment upon completion of the course. In order to be eligible, participants must score minimum points - each day of the course, the participants will be given points for their performance - and end up on one of the 2 first places of the course.

Each participant will also receive a certificate confirming that they completed this selection course. Even if you do not make one of the first 2 places, this certificate will still show that you had the courage to participate AND the power and skills to finish the course. This alone will show that you are one of the best private security operators worldwide. Not everyone even has the guts to participate and compete with the top notch operators, and not everyone will be able to complete this extremely tough course.

The course requires a one-time fee of 1095.- EURO (at present just below appr. 1700.00 USD). Should you fail to complete the course, you may participate one more time, at NO cost for the selection course. Fee includes the total course, all material and accommodation. You just need to bring training clothes, boots, sleeping bag, that's it.

Why do we charge a fee for this course? First off, we are not a government agency thus we do not have the funding as have such agencies. The selection course takes 1 week and there are costs that occur. The participants need to carry part of that burden. This also separates the really serious applicants from those who would just apply anywhere and might not even have the necessary skills or character traits and guts. Thus, the fee also acts as a motivator for the really serious ones. You get 2 chances to complete the course for that fee. Even if you fail on both attempts, the certificate you'll receive for TRYING the SEC in itself will show that you are "a goer" and at least you've tried.

Job applications more often than not go down like this: the HR department receives a number of applications, the boss browses through them, selects a few applicants that might be suitable, the rest of the applications will be tossed, returned to the applicant at best. The boss will then conduct interviews with the selected few. He will select them according to references and the list of skills stated by the applicant. But even after the interview the boss will NOT know 100% if the applicant REALLY has the skills and/or if references are 100% sincere. He will thus have wasted quite a bit of time, as not all really WILL be suitable, and also need to have the applicants start working for some time before he finds out about the TRUE capabilities, sincerity, loyalty etc. At the same time, the boss may never find out if some of those applicants who do not have the "right kind of papers" may even be more suitable for the job positions at hand, simply because he did not give them a fair shot. Of course not all references, certificates and so forth have been manipulated... we're not saying that. But they MAY be. Truth is: documents do not always reflect the true skills, loyalty, courage, toughness and sincerity of a person. We all know that.

We have recognized this situation and we have chosen a different path - the selection course. We are ready to give EVERYONE a fair chance to prove him- or herself. There won't be room for "tricks" - if you are not cut out to be a top notch operator, our selection course will tell. Our course will eliminate the weaker, less tough and less courageous people and will leave no doubt as to the true qualities of the participants. Even really fit and experienced applicants will find our course a true challenge. Master it, and you are just a small step away from a lucrative, long-lasting international career. The course costs a little money but if you have the heart of signing up instead of going on the same old vacation you do every year, you will not regret it and you won't loose much. You will, however, gain an unforgettable experience, you'll find out more about yourself, and you have a fair chance of joining our ranks. Your course fee will include accommodation and training material.

All participants who do NOT make place 1 or 2 of their course will receive a 250-EURO-discount on any training course of the Brillstein Security Academy, valid for 6 months after the end of their course.

If you'd like to better your chances of success, we also offer a prep course for the selection course. This prep course will help you prepare for the selection course.

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