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Brillstein Security Group -  Selection and exam course program 2017 (SEC) - SECURE YOUR PLACE in the selction and get into a very special Career in Private Security



Due to the continuing expansion of the Brillstein Security Group and EUBSA BV Inc., the drastically degrading global security situation, we decided to again offer the selection and exam courses, in order to select the best security operators out there.

Goal of the 2017 selection courses is to identify the best candidates for a new mobile, civilian, private security unit which we are currently building up in order to serve high ranking clients. SEC is NOT a training course, but a rigorous selection course striving at eliminating all but the very best of all applicants. This may very well be the toughest selection course of the private security industry. We accept applicants, male and female, from all over the world, minimum age 21 years. You must be of excellent health and willing to go the extra TEN miles...

From time to time there is a requirement for us to recruit a new number of men and women to join our ERT - these are the Brillstein security experts to undertake special duties of hazardous nature, such as high risk emergency rescue or extraction, high risk undercover and intelligence assignments and high risk close protection. The members of ERT must have passed the selection course first, which, due to the nature of this business, is both extremely rigorous and arduous. There can not be any room for error, we cannot allow any wanabees or even ordinary shooters to slip in under the fence - there are thousands of regular military trained shooters but they have no place in ERT. All applicants applying for jobs with us tell us that they are in great shape, top notch training and so forth. But this does not suffice. Even elite unit members from around the world may fail our selection course.

This SEC will break the weak, in fact that’s our goal; only the very top elite of the best security operators will be able to pass this test – it takes even guts just to sign up for this selection. Military skills are not enough, fact is that some of those who pass this selection have had only little or even no military training - no matter where or how long you have served before: in order to pass this selection, you need  extreme will power, fitness, intelligence, quick and practical thinking on your feet, a tough character. The SEC is probably the ultimate challenge you will face as far as selection goes in the private security. We will provide for the necessary top notch training in a variety of security areas, thus your prior training is NOT the most important factor in order to join ERT. Your extreme determination and guts are more important to us - pass the SEC, and you are up for a fascinating top career in one of the world's most elite private security units!

We are currently underway to build up a 100+ member team of special operators, organised in a highly mobile, undercover protection and intelligence unit. Undercover security, pro-active protection, close protection and emergency rescue tasks are the focus of this new outfit. It will easily be the most interesting position in private security, and it will be amongst the best paid, too.

But it also take a very special kind of operator. Skilled in top notch security, nerves of steel, tough, excellent team skills, leadership qualities, and yet able to conduct undercover operations independantly and under tough conditions. This new unit will mainly serve European and US clients in Europe and while on travel; your tasks will comprise advance and pro-active protection, undercover assignments and protection and rescue.


Roughly once a month in 2017 and possibly beyond, we will conduct one selection course in FRANCE of 1 week each. You need thus to be able to travel to France and stay in our camp for 1 week. During this week, you will undergo all sorts of physical, psychological, technical, tactical tests imaginable, in the context of the job description given above.

For one complete week, with little pause and sleep, you will need to demonstrate your abilities, quick thinking, practical problem solving, and go through the physical testing of this selection. You will not be informed in advance on exactly WHAT the tests will comprise. You will receive orders and tasks, and you need to complete these. Complaining and constant moaning will get you kicked off the SEC, as will the refusal to complete tasks. You come as you are, accommodation and food is included.

Each day, the tests will demand your full 100%, or more... both physically and psychologically. We want to identify the strongest operators, the best problem solvers, the best leaders. For each test result, you will receive points. Out of about 500 candidates, we are looking to employ the top 100.

If you encounter physical or psychological problems, or refuse to follow staff instructions, you may be kicked off the course. This is for your own safety, as well as the other candidates. We do not tolerate disruptive behaviour.


We accept applications from all candidates 21 years or older, with at least 3 years of military, police or security background. You must be of top health, have a calm, stable character, be an excellent team player, be able to work under military structure, you must be willing to travel, able to think quickly on your feet, be able to solve problems on your own - both intelectually and practically - you must have good nerves and you must be willing to fully apply yourself in training and learning. This is NOT an adventure trip - although it could very well be the top adventure - we expect you to apply yourself professionally, 100% and follow instructions given to a t, and to ACHIEVE THE BEST YOU CAN GIVE.



If you think - given the above mentioned - that you qualify for SEC 2017 you can contact us now. Click the link below to send us a message. You may also ask questions you might have re. SEC 2017. We will send you an information brief on both SEC and on the job position within the new mobile security unit mentioned above. DO NOT yet send us any CV or other documents at this point; pls wait until asked fot it. If you can be admitted, we will send you an application form. There is a charge of 195 EURO for accommodation and food for one week in camp, payable with registration. You can CANCEL an application up to 6 weeks before the camp you have been registered for takes place. However, if you do cancel, you will not be able to re-apply. It's a ONE TIME CHANCE ONLY.

Once your application has been finalized, you will be given a choice of camp dates to chose from. European citizens need to travel to France for the camp; US citizens will stay in the US, other citizens usually attend our camp in South Africa; however other arrangement can be made in case you want to attend camp at a specific location other than above stated. ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY the actual registered camp participants will receive the address. Pls note that you will be in recluse during the camp. No walk-ins, no visitors and you will be incommunicado for the camp duration of 1 week.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN EXEPTIONAL CAREER IN PRIVATE SECURITY, this will be your one shot... don't miss out on it. If you wish to ask quetions or ask us for infos on how to apply, ASK FOR MORE INFORMATIONS ON HOW TO JOIN BY CLICKING THE FOLLOWING LINK: