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Full overview on our services

The following are just a selection of security services available from the BSG network - if you don't find what you are looking for, pls contact us any time! Each link below will open a new window:

Security Counsel - we assist our clients in solving their problems
Risk Assessment - professional assessment, loss prevention, crisis intervention, security management        ■ Security Audit, Penetration Tests
Close Protection - high-level protection services, worldwide
Anti/Counter Terror - countering the security threat by adequate means
Air Security - Airline security, travel security, Air Marshals
Marine Security - marine security, harbour security, private/corporate
Intelligence, Surveillance - you need to know? We'll find out...
Counter- Espionage, Intelligence - protection of your informations and data
Investigations, Anti-Fraud - any kind of investigation, anywhere in the world                                                     << Private Military Services

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Intelligence Services
 Espionage, data theft, data protection, IT security, and corporate intelligence - these are modern buzz words any CEO, manager or entrepreneur knows and simply MUST worry about. Threats such as these are on the up, both online and through "real spies". Competition is fierce and criminals won't hesitate to use your weaknesses against you. Know yourself and know your enemy...


Close Protection
 You need to trust someone with your own life? Then you should accept ONLY the best of the best! Granted, expert service will cost more money than a
ny run-of-the-mill "body guard" will cost you. But will YOUR protection detail really be WILLING and capable of saving your life, putting HIS on the line? Don't wait out for an emergency to find out... Go for the professional experts NOW. Brillstein close protection teams are among the best money can buy on the market.


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Security Training
 How well organized is your security staff? Have you ever conducted a check with external experts to REALLY know how well your staff can protect you? Or are your staff only "testing" themselves...? Brillstein Security offers qualified expert security checks, security audits and penetration tests. Do not accept anything less, than the best...! Professional training courses for your staff, personal protection, home/travel security


Private Military

In our modern world of organized crime and growing terrorism, the fact of the matter is that more and more companies doing global business need some form of private military protection. This can be military-style close protection or an actual force of private operators that can think, plan and act as needed to supply protection against insurgents, criminals and terrorists.

 Brillstein Security offers you all and any kind of professional private military services needed...

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