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Air travel is extremely vulnerable and brings along a number of dangers. This not only includes terror attacks but also the "every day" crazies, drunks and other kinds of perpetrators. "Air rage" is a regular occurrence; airline personnel must be adequately trained. Air Marshals become more and more necessary. We supply a complete airline security concept, based on the extremely successful EL-AL concept, as well as single services such as Air Marshals and training.

With more than 4000 air rage incidents per year as well as the terrible events of 9/11 and the drastically risen threat by terrorists, the need exists for the law enforcement and security professional to be able to effectively deal with an in-flight crisis. The 2-day Aircraft Interdiction course is designed for the security professional to assist in the areas of counter-terrorism and to counter aggression onboard an aircraft. This course is not designed to train LEOs or security staff to become air marshals but to provide instruction in how they can assist in keeping the aircraft safe. Complete Air Security studies are available (Professional Air Security Officer, PASO - contact us for more info).


Introductory course content includes:

·         Firearms and training safety

·         Combat mindset

·         Air rage incidents and statistics

·         Intelligence

·         Handgun drills

·         Weapon retention

·         Timed handgun shooting drills

·         Aircraft tactics

·         Use of restraints

·         Unarmed combatives

·         International air marshal duties and responsibilities

·         Special Operations Exercise

We also supply security experts for bus, train and other means of travel, as well as training courses for security personnel, for instance a comprehensive 1-day course that covers all aspects of transit, commuter and school bus interdiction. Busses provide a unique challenge for both patrol officers and tactical operators. We will address all pertinent challenges. These skills will then be reinforced by hands on problem solving via reality based training scenarios. Course content includes:

  • Approach considerations
  • Sniper initiated assaults
  • Boarding techniques
  • Search techniques
  • Mechanical/ electrical/ hydraulic system shutdown
  • Fuel system disabling
  • Vehicle immobilization
  • Breaching techniques
  • Equipment considerations
  • Manpower issues                                      

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