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BSG - Private Military Group


The The BSG ERTs, Emergency Rescue Teams, are special operations teams with capability to conduct operations in any environment or theatre, any time, anywhere in the world.

The teams consist of former members of elite SpecOps units from around the world, all with actual field experience. Some team members have been additionally BSG trained, our instructors are ex-officers from elite units and can provide for top level professional SpecOps training.


EUBSA can provide Private Military Company operators up to company strength at any time. For long-term military-style protection assignments, our STOP teams, Special Tactics and Operations, will offer the best, the private military market can offer.

If your company needs military-type protection, EUBSA is your competent partner. We are specialized in Special Security Operations and light infantry ops, as well as logistical support, planning group, training and intelligence but will conduct military security and patrolling as well.


Para-Military (SWAT, Counter Terror): In this era of workplace violence and school shootings, first responders must be prepared to take immediate action.

EUBSA can supply a ready-to-deploy team of specialists, any time, any place.

We offer a special course that is designed to provide first responders to a critical incident with the tactical skills necessary to deal with an active shooter(s) in a school, airport, office building, or other public area where the shooter(s) are mobile.

Using the latest rapid deployment techniques, students will learn what their role and responsibilities are as a first responder from arriving on scene to incident resolution.


Course content includes:


  • On Scene Initial Responsibilities
  • Command Element and Control
  • Setting up a Perimeter
  • Area Containment
  • Personnel Evacuation
  • Movement to the Threat
  • Immediate Action Drill (4-Person Team)
  • Room Clearing Techniques
  • Penetration Flood
  • Read Method
  • Hallway Security
  • Arrest Teams
  • Rescue Teams
  • E.O.D. Response / Improvised Explosive Device (I.E.D.)
  • Realistic Scenario Training