THANKS YOU for visiting the Recruitment Department of BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP. On this page, you find info on how to join the BSG teams and how to REGISTER FOR OUR CONTRACTOR and FREELANCER data base in order to start working for us on a contractual basis. More Infor below. If you have question, want to register FOR FREE, or contact our HR staff, click the following button now:


- the BSG is structured unlike most other security companies. To enhance our internal security, as well as the security of our operators and clients, BSG is compartmentalized by using a structure of some 600 different partner and affiliate companies in over 50 countries. This way, we can better protect out clients, provide for high internal security, and thus protect our operators, too. The possibility to infiltrate the inner core of our company is thus extremely small for any intruder; in this new world of terrorism, the extra internal security is of paramount importance. BSG acts mainly as a coordinator and manages assignments, clients and organizes teams, training etc. We are not political, we are independent and, in terms of "red tape", we are very flexible and able to react quickly to serve our clients.

The BSG has been active for over 35 years now. Our over 600 partner companies and affiliates in more than 50 countries offer specialized security services to an exclusively private and corporate clientele.
More information about BRILLSTEIN SECURITY on our main site.

If you are a qualified security operator or contractor, you can now register for our database for freelancers and contractors! Please read the information on this page. Once registered in our database, you will be offered contractual work as freelancer.

For long term actual employment, however, you will need to pass through one of our training programs.

Registration for our database is FREE OF CHARGE. You can contact us below if you'd like to get more information regarding the pre-requisites and conditions. Before we can send you such information, however, you will need to send us a detailed CV listing your prior qualifications and experience. Upon reception of your CV, provided you qualify, we will then send you more info. Please note: we can NOT send you details on assignments, pay, benefits etc. before we have received your CV! However, joining our database is NOT an employment contract; we will offer you contractual work as a freelancer.

Basically, this means as a contractor you will work in our teams on basis of individual contract anywhere from a few weeks up to several months.


BSG are active in all areas of private security including (but not limited to) private military security, investigation, protection, intelligence, undercover, investigations, security management and training. Both our employed staff and our contractual partners (freelancers) receive a large variety of assignments. There are three ways to join our ranks:

Find out more about our employment options: 

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    1. CONTRACTUAL (FREELANCE) EMPLOYMENT - if you are a security contractor or if you'd like to start as a freelancing contractor, you can now register with us (more info right on this page)

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    2. EMPLOYMENT AFTER TRAINING - once you have completed one of our training courses, you will be offered a long-term full employment - --> for more info CLICK HERE

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    3. DIRECT EMPLOYMENT - if you are a skilled and experienced SPECIALIZED security operator, you can also apply for openings; from time to time we are looking for certain special skills. --> For more info CLICK HERE




These are our main service categories - -->see a full overview of our main services here<--


Risk Assessment

We offer risk assessment, risk management, security testing and all related services.


Crisis Management

We assist clients in all matters related to crisis planning, extortion, abduction, emergency rescue, crime prevention, anti terror, Deep Security and any other related services..


Corporate Security

We offer corporate clients all services related to corporate security, such as asset protection, fraud prevention, due dilligence, staff screening, debtor management, location people, data security, supplier control and vetting, corporate intelligence, data mining, copyright infringments, counterfeit problems, pre-entry security when doing business aborad, mergers etc. and any other relevant service.



We offer all protective service worldwide, from close protection, static protection or protecting courriers and assets.


Investigations, Intelligence Services

We conduct international investigation worldwide. We also specialize in private intelligence services, obtaining the information our clients need, including counter-itel services, undercover and high-risk assignments.


Special Services

such as counter-terror, airline security, maritime security, hostage negotations, emergency extractions.



Are you a skilled security operator? Register for free and start working in our teams!


What exactly is the BSG partner databse?

The BSG partner database is our register of freelance partners; these are skilled security operator and contractor worldwide. Provided you qualify, you can register free of charge in any security niche (such as close protection, investigations, intelligence etc.). If you have the necessary qualification, you can register in more than one such categories. Your personal information will not be passed on to any third party exept in case of your deployment (when and ONLY if it will become necessary, need-to-know basis).

We accept applications from all over the world, men and women 21 years of age and up. If you accept your application, you need to agree to a security check, and you must assist us in doing so.

How does employment as freelance partner work?

Provided you qualify, you can register free of charge in any security niche (such as close protection, investigations, intelligence etc.). If you have the necessary qualification, you can register in more than one such categories. Once your application has been approved, you will receive offers to join our teams on assignments. You will be paid per day of assignment, which includes the days your travel to and from the location where the assignment takes place. The daily pay varies, depending on the kind of assignment and risk level; in general, daily pay will be between USD 250 to USD 1000 and up, depending if the assignment is a simple investigation or close protection or deep cover intelligence. Assignments can be a couple of days, a few weeks or several months.

If you register, you have the free choice out of the available assignment, provided you qualify for the particular job. There is of course NO OBLIGATION to accept any assignment. You will receive email notifications with offers as soon as they become available for your category. From time to time, you will also receive general informations about the security sector and our company.

Travel costs and accommodations will be paid for by us in advance. Equipment, if applicable, will be provided for by us. Only in very rare cases will you be able to bring your own equipment.

You will be paid in full right after the completion of the assignment; this will happen within a maximum of 1 work day.

We will NOT give you many more details as regards assignments, pay etc. before we have received and studied your CV. You may, of course, ask more general questions, in such a case please contact us through our main web site (NOT using the contact form below) or send us an EMAIL.




Register now to join our partner database of freelance contractors - absolutely free of charge. If you qualify, we will offer you contractual work in international security assignments as such jobs become available.

All you need to do at this point in order to register is send us a detailed CV listing your prior training, qualifications and experience.

REGISTRATION FOR OUR DATABASE is an ONLINE PROCESS ONLY (no calls, no meetings) - --> please contact us on our main web site <-- in case you are looking for any other service or if you'd like to ask us questions - please don't use the below contact for any other purpose than to register.

After we have received your CV, provided you qualify, you will receive more details on the kind of assignments we can offer, and other details. You can then ask us your questions regarding our future cooperation.

If you'd like to register for our database, please use the contact form down below - just let us know that you'd like to register, and we will email you further info (how you can send us your CV etc.) - your information and email address is 100% secure with us, we will never pass on your info or email address (see also DATA&PRIVACY)

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